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Life and Leadership Strategist
Specialist Coach and Trainer for
Generations Y1Z

+43 664 52 42 982

Life is full of many, many opportunities and challenges; personal and professional. We are NOT all equally experienced or trained to handle them and all have to learn to move forward.

You might need or want to:

  • Find, choose and start new path
  • Change a mindset
  • Face complex situations
  • Make decisions – tough or otherwise
  • Stay strong through achievement and adversity
  • Get a sense of life balance
  • Choose the right people for something
  • Build and train highly effective teams
  • Develop and implement strategies
  • Build identity, community and culture
  • Grow as a leader or grow your leaders

Every one of these provides us with an opportunity to grow.

For over 30 years I have been an educator, sports and life coach, trainer, entrepreneur, business founder, mentor, senior leader, CEO, and keynote speaker.

I have been a go-to person for individuals, families, teams, organisations, and businesses wanting to go to the next level or manage change and crisis.

I am Mr. G. Let’s Create Your New Reality.

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